Our digital display solutions apply to all sectors of activity !

Regardless of your business, there are many possibilities and benefits !

Digital signage in business sector


  • Make visible problems on the production line and mobilize the concerned team.
  • View your real-time performance indicators
  • Display the objectives and the schedule of the day
  • Congratulate your employees with an encouraging message broadcast on a screen
  • Communicate the number of days without accidents, the production yield, slowdowns area


  • Optimize project organization with live viewing of task progress
  • Easily identify problems and delays
  • Improve collaboration with a simple and practical tool
  • Assign tasks, view the schedule, notify comment.
  • Present the project and drawings to buyers with beautiful impactful visuals

City services

  • Customize your greetings depending of expected visitors
  • Indicate the direction of services department and conference rooms
  • Announce the running order of appointment booking
  • Broadcast the latest news from the city, the progress of ongoing projects, changes in laws

Service companies

  • Use the interactive screens to surprise your customers and improve your meetings
  • Attract the attention of your audience with impactful visuals and multimedia content
  • Energize your business meetings and encourage collaboration with an interactive working tool
  • Work in team : share your files on the screen, exchange ideas, make live modification to your document and send them by email to participants.

Office building

  • Install a digital display solution in the entrance of your building to welcome visitors, indicate direction for each office, change rental information.
  • Offer the possibility to share interactive digital screens between different companies to encourage employees collaboration.
  • In the common rooms, communicate safety procedures and the news from different offices to improve cohabitation.

Hotels and Convention centers

  • To welcome your customers with a personalized message
  • Show the direction of the common rooms and bedrooms
  • Inform customers about tourism
  • Promote your services and restaurant
  • During the convention, energize meeting with interactive screens touch


Digital signage in consumer sector

Retail stores

  • Surprise your customers with a new shopping experience
  • Deliver personalized messages based on customer and time
  • Interact with your customers by using touch screens
  • Share your good deals and modify them without any printing constraint
  • Increase sales by promoting your new products or unexposed products
  • Collect key informations about your retail space with technologies able to spot the less frequented areas


  • Change and display your restaurant menu depending on quantities ordered
  • Entice your customers with beautiful visuals of your delicious dishes.
  • Facilitate taking orders with automated touch screens
  • Organize dishes preparation in the kitchen with real-time display of commands
  • Make visible the delays and mistakes in the kitchen with a viewing task progress


  • Get closer to your students using the media of their generation.
  • Communicate teacher absences and classroom changes.
  • Share photos of events organized within the school.
  • Display prevention message
  • Encourage participation and concentration of students, make lessons more interesting and interactive with interactive screens
  • Increase teacher availability in class by avoiding him to write his lessons on blackboard

Auto dealers

  • Draw customer’s attention with a modern design store.
  • Strengthen the brand image by communicating your values.
  • Improve the customer experience by displaying on a big screen all available options
  • Present the models not available in store
  • Communicate your next open house day and seasonal sales
  • Reduce waiting time with informative or entertaining content

Funeral homes

  • Commemorate the deceased’s life by displaying on screen memories videos, photos and testimonials from family and friends.
  • Facilitate visits and reduce your printing costs by indicating the halls and deceased information on screens

Fitness centers

  • Announce the next sporting events and the available places
  • Share photos of previous workshop to motivate everybody
  • Provide health and nutrition advice.
  • Show the correct body posture with video
  • Communicate your good plans (discounts, promotions…)


Medical centers

  • Reduce perception of waiting time by sharing stories on screens
  • Announce the running-order of medical consultations
  • Indicate the direction and informations about the different areas of the Medical Clinic
  • Reassure patients by conveying a positive and innovative image of your institution

Financial Institutions

  • Personalize your greetings
  • Indicate appointments rooms
  • Occupy the waiting time of your customers with updated information
  • Display the changes in bank rate
  • Present your new services by videos

Real-estate sector

  • Reduce your printing costs by updating your accommodation deals on screen
  • Improve the customer experience with an interactive home visit on touchscreen
  • Generate more interest with the broadcast of beautiful photos and videos.
  • Inform your customers of changes in real estate prices, new construction projects, houses already sold.


  • Occupy passengers time by displaying news and traffic of the city in waiting points
  • Coordonate the arrival and departure time of cargo trucks
  • Boost productivity by displaying the unloading times and delays

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